Our Results

   I was the only student from my school accepted to Stanford. -H.L., Stanford University
I received scholarships that allowed me to afford the college of my dreams. -G.C., UCLA 
  “I won a national competition that got me noticed by admissions. -M.J., New York University
The counselor even hand-picked a portfolio that expressed my themes. -D.K., School of the Art Institute of Chicago 
  My writing coach helped me create unique personal statements that made me stand out. –N.S., University of Pennsylvania Law School


  Last year, 100% of our students gained admission into a Top 50 university.

  Our applicants are twice as likely to be accepted as an applicant with a similar academic profile.

  On average, our students get accepted into one of their top three choices.

  Our students are accepted to at least 3 UC colleges and received at least $15,000 in scholarship


Our mission is to help each person succeed in education and work. We plan concrete strategies for paths from higher education through careers to personal success. In this process, we always keep in mind the individual: we listen because we know that every person is different. We help each person discover their in-born talents, match those talents to individual passions, and find work that the world needs. With this mission, we hope to develop prosperous, educated, and fulfilled individuals who give back to their communities and shape a more noble world. keywords: college admissions, college board, admissions counseling