College Scholarships & Financial Aid Explained

The total yearly cost of a top public university costs roughly $33,000 and the total yearly cost of a top private university costs roughly $60,000. Before you reach for the aspirin or give up on higher learning, read on to find out how you can get scholarships and financial aid.

What Services Can I Expect From A Private College Counselor?

Are you looking for help with college admissions but have no idea where to start?  The difficulty in looking for an independent college counselor lies primarily in the diverse range of services offered. Here is a list of the different types of admissions services available, and what to expect from each, ranging from limited to comprehensive service providers:

Applications Made Easy

How can I manage all of my applications when universities require different application systems, different forms, and different deadlines? Now you can. Use the My Applications module to track your reaches, fits, and safeties all on one page. Strategize and plan like no other.

Data. Glorious Data.

What kind of college do I want? Wouldn't it be easy to make decisions if I had all of the data available? Well now you do. Sort a comprehensive database of the national universities, liberal arts colleges, and technical/art schools--by rank, by scores, by tuition, and by student experiences.

Know Thy Progress

How far along am I? There is nothing like the peace of mind that comes from knowledge of exactly where you are in the admissions process. With the easy-to-read My Progress module, you will see bars that represent your completion percentage and your remaining tasks, so that you can gauge your time appropriately.

Get Help From An Expert

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